Looking At Our Budget and Roles


In terms of budget for props and assets that will be involved in our Pixelation Animation and its editing process, the amount is fairly minimalistic for what we need:

Pixelation Animation Filming –

  • Camera (& Tripod)
  • Cameraman
  • Actor
  • Props (Cigarette, Cigarette Pack, Lighter, Mobile Phone, Computer)

Editing Process –

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Pixelation Animation –

  • Separate Images (360 Total)
  • Frames Per Speed (12 Frames Per Second)
  • Film Length (30 Seconds)

Filming will be flipped between me and Akesh with the other taking the role of ‘director’ and being responsible for swapping props and maintaining consistency with prop movement, etcetera. As for the actor, Luke is taking over this role. In the editing process, Photoshop is going to be used to both add effects to the images to better fit our films tone and ready them to be put into Premiere Pro where the final version of the film will be edited and completed with the addition of title cards, sound, and so on.

As for the budget for frames and time length we need something that comes in at around 30 seconds of animation; having 360 separate images played at a rate of 12 Fps will give us something that plays at roughly the right amount of time.

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