Project – The Line

Situation and Initial Obstacle (25%), Conflict (50%), Resolution (25%)

Generating Ideas –

1 – Protagonist is one line, able to come into the form of a person, he looks across from his line where he is alone towards another line (Secondary) that appears to be close by, Secondary forms a hand and waves towards Protagonist causing him to want to leave. Protagonist forms into a person and starts to try pulling away. After a while he manages to break free from the line but starts to float towards Secondary.

2 – My second idea plays more with perspectives and will involve two characters; the protagonist and the obstacle. Both characters are competing in a race across a corridor split in two by a line

3 – Protagonist is a person walking along a line towards there objective, which could be a house or something else, either way the protagonist comes across a dog blocking the way.

4 – The Protagonist is a fisherman, he notices a fish that he wants to catch. He goes to great lengths to catch the fish and finally manages, but then as he pulls it up he discovers an even bigger fish also holding on his fish.

Assignment Task –

How Might You Show The Character Of Your Line?

Idea 1 – Protagonist and Secondary are capable of forming into anything on their respective lines, for instance a hand to wave to each other, and when the Protagonist is trying to get away their is some human form pulling from its line.

What Might Be The Obstacle?

Idea 1 – The obstacle is the gap between the character on one line and the other line as he cant leave his own line or at least doesn’t know what will happen if he does.

Idea 2 – The obstacle is in the form of the protagonists competition as they race. Throughout the animation the obstacle will be trying to slow and stop the protagonist by making use of different objects in the scene.

Idea 3 – The obstacle is the dog being the way and not willing to move off the line.

How Might You Show The Objective?

Idea 1 – Close-up on the protagonist as he looks around at the other line which appears to be not too far away that he couldn’t step across, then pull camera shot further outwards to show the gap between the two. Will also make it evident by having the Protagonist directly look towards the Objective throughout the video.

Idea 2 – At the start of the animation the scene will begin with the objective being shown, and then pull away to the two characters who will be focused on it with quick shots of each others eyes.

Idea 3 – The objective will be shown every now and then with the protagonist constantly looking over it as he tries and figures out how to get past the dog.

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