Feedback Response

“The Race”

Using a high-angled camera shot aimed in from the upper right, my first idea is of a race between two people. How perspective plays its role is with the design and layout of the race track; as can be seen in the animated storyboard below, the further into the distance the track goes the narrower it becomes, and this stays relative to both competitors place on the track. To make use of this track, both people are given two objects; a Rock and a Pole that can be used to stop or slow the other person. When the objects are thrown they size and shape stay relative to the size of the track.

Storyboard Animation

Pitch Feedback & Retrospective

After pitching my story and designs I was given feedback on my current work; the general consensus was that despite being a nice idea to show it lacked any point or moral and was instead just a series of events that begin and then end without much of a reasoning to anything. After looking at the idea myself I am tending to agree and after a lot of consideration I realized several other points that would hinder my work, the biggest being my lack of skill at the time in drawing would make drawing this out a slow process, add to that its not even 2D and instead at an angle means without a doubt I would probably still be working on the animation way after the deadline.


I have now decided to put that idea on hold and go for something more simpler and easy to convey a point and moral. Right now I have two general ideas in mind both built around the same setting and theme involving a man fishing;

  • A man is fishing in the middle of a lake, after several hours he starts to give up hope when a fish jumps out of the water and over his boat. Seeing the fish the man goes about trying to catch, first switching sides of the boat to where the fish landed until the fish jumps back out and over his head to the other side with him following. This happens once or more until the man starts to get frustrated, drops his fishing rod and decides to try and catch the fish with his hands. Twice again the fish jumps over his head as he tries and catches it, each time missing. I have two ideas for how this animation could end;
    • He tries to catch the fish but slips and falls from his boat into the water. As he is climbing back into his boat the fish jumps over his head to the other side of the boat, but this time followed by a large shark that eats the man and then swims away. The fish watches the shark leave, and then heads away to safety.
    • The man comes up with a plan and brings up a net that he holds in the direct path of the fish. He waits but then the fish jumps out of the water, missing the net, but being followed by a much larger fish that lands on the man. Both big fish and man look at each other in frustration, then notice the smaller fish jump over again. Both look at each other, realizing the other wants the fish as well and as the fish jumps over launch after it into the water. What ensues is a fight between the man and large fish as the man catches the fish and brings it aboard his boat only for the larger fish to jump on the boat forcing the man to drop the fish into the sea once again.
  • My next idea involves two men sitting on a boat, one man a tall skinny man, the other a short chubby man. Both are competing against each other with dynamite to catch a bigger prize. The larger man throws his dynamite into the sea, an explosion follows shortly after and three fish rise to the surface. The skinny man takes his turn and four fish rise. Wanting to one-up him, the larger man takes one of the dead fish and sticks a dynamite in it and then chucks it back into the sea, as it lands a large fish rises and takes the fish, followed by an explosion, and then the large fish surfaces. The skinny man notices a bird flying in and throws his dynamite, timing it right to go down the birds throat as it sqwaks, the bird chokes and falls to the sea where a large sharks comes up to eat it. After the explosion the sharks once again surfaces upside down. Getting frustrated the larger man looks for a target and notices a whale in the distance surfacing every now and then before going back under. Wanting to time it right to go down the whales mouth the larger man throws the dynamite as it rises but instead of hitting the whale in its mouth, the dynamite hits the tail as it flips into the air, smacking it backwards into the hands of the larger man. Before either men can move the dynamite explodes. When the smoke clears the waters calm down with nothing on the surface until the boat rises upside down.

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