With the entirety of the Critical Manga project now complete, I will begin to evaluate my finished product and explain what I think went wrong, what went right and then how I am going to develop myself in the future to avoid those pitfalls.

What I Consider Went Wrong

Lack of Pictures

Right off the bat there is not a single picture in my manga, even though I had actually created artwork to present (which I will below), but my final pieces didn’t reach the kind of expectations and style I wanted to achieve for several reasons; the main being that in all honesty I have a lack of confidence in my artistic skills that makes me constantly want to change even the little things and never truly be happy with what I had, and as time to the deadline started to draw closer I decided to completely omit any art in return for putting more effort in getting an actual presentable essay to hand in, leaving any time I had at the end (which I didn’t) to give the images another shot.

Time Management

The second thing that I am more than definite was a major factor in the end result of my essay was time management: something that has plagued all my other projects as well. Since we were given it more or less at the start of the year, in my mind I began to consider other projects the priority at the time and pushed this one to the back of my mind until the last minute, thinking I could get it done when I get round to it, add to that quite a bit of procrastination and in the end I was left with little time to get not just the research done, but also the essay and the pictures done.

What I Consider Went Right

Word Count

Taking into consideration the lack of pictures, I believe that the greater word count makes up for the misses. That is not to say just the fact that there a more words makes all things good, but the fact that I have gone to include as much detail as I possibly could into the essay about Winsor McCays life gives a much greater look on his life than something 800 words could, especially since when I looked at it I saw so much that made Winsor the man he was and influenced his talent and techniques, like the people he met through his years; for instance is father who pushed him to pursue another career that made Winsor instead pursue harder the career as an artist, or John Goodison who devoted his time to give Winsor personal lectures that explored new techniques.

What I Aim To Improve on

Looking back on my work through my evaluation, the major defining factor that I know I definitely need to push more is time management, as screwing that up doesn’t just affect one thing but everything as I’m forced to play catch up with no one to blame but myself. Other things include; better structure and more organisation (something I’m starting to take into consideration with my next project), and actually showing my work up to the final product with things like research, plans and ideas, etcetera as even though know what I’m doing I don’t realize that it isn’t so obvious to everyone else looking at my work.

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