Interior Design

In tune with my character design, I am not looking into creating some sort of super hero lair with a massive armoury or hidden caves because it doesn’t fit the kind idea I am going for my character himself, my overarching theme is something more grounded in reality and because of that I want to create something that could realistically live in this world.


The idea for my setting in total is something like a city or metropolis filled with skyscrapers and apartment buildings and the location of my characters home being a sort of converted apartment that looks unsuspecting from the exterior until you enter. Following the themes of my character being a sort of antihero I’m deciding on following that with my apartment aesthetic and colouring (fig.1).


Continuing with the apartment idea, to add a limit more depth than just having a bedroom, living, etcetera, I’m going retrofit it to fit my character with rooms converted to different needs and also going to spread it over two flats that will then connected through a secret passage in one of the rooms (fig.2).

In creating a layout for my flat I have gone with the plan of designing the flat in initial form, like how it would be set out for a normal person living there (fig.3). From there I’m aiming to start converting elements to fit the theme and style of my main character to give a more natural and fitting look to the end product.

From there I will start to add clutter to room such as computers/laptops, weapons, empty food and cans and so on to help give that “lived in” feel.

Apartment Moodboard
Figure 1
Room Design Screenshot (1)
Figure 2
Room Design Screenshot (Main Floor)
Figure 3

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