Using Maya

This will be constantly updated file on using Maya for any time I learn something new, including hotkeys and directions that I will be using as a constant reference to help me improve my understanding of Maya.


Keys & Hotkeys

Q – Select Tool
W -Move Tool
E – Rotate Tool
R – Scale Tool
T –
Space Bar (Hold) – Selection Menu
Space (Click) – Switch between multiple Viewports & Single Screen
F – Focus Around Object
B – Soft Selection
Insert – Moves Access Point
– (Minus Key) – Decrease Size Of Manipulators
+ (Plus Key) – Increases Size Of Manipulators
F9 – Polygon Selection to Vertices Selection
F10 – Polygon Selection to Edges Selection
F11 – Polygon Selection to Faces Selection



J – Rotate 90 Degrees
X – Snap To Grid
V – Snap To Vertices



Middle Mouse – Zoom In/Zoom Out
Alt + Left Click – Rotate Camera
Alt + Right Click – Zoom In/Zoom Out
Alt + Middle Mouse – Move Screen
Right Click – Selection Menu


Alt + O – Open
Ctrl + S – Save As
Alt + Shift + D – Delete History


Number Keys

4 – Wireframe View (Switches screen to see only the frame of the objects)

Ctrl +…

+ A – Attribute Editor
+ D – Duplicate (Creates a copy of selected object)
+ E – Extrude (Switches select to extrude faces)
+ Z – Undo
Hold (With Multi-Cut Tool) – Creates A Line Across Polygon (fig.1)
+ Shift + D – Duplicate Special

Shift +… 

+ Q – Advance Select Tool (Allows adjusting of vertices)
+ G – Repeat (Repeats last move)
+ D – Duplicate
Hold (With Multi-Cut Tool) – Cut A Line Across 2 Edges (fig.2)


  • Have Transparent Textured Polygons
Load Image Into Photoshop On Alpha Background > Right Click and Go “ASSIGN NEW MATERIAL” > On Colour Selection Select Checkarde Box > Assign Texture ? Press “6”?
  • Creating a New Project
Go “FILE” tab >  Under ‘Project’ Select “SET PROJECT” > Create folder > Select “CREATE DEFAULT WORKSPACE” > Go back to “FILE” tab > Under ‘Project’ Select “PROJECT WINDOW” > Apply
  • Fill Gaps
Select All Open Edges > Go “MESH” tab > Under ‘Remesh’ Select “FILL HOLE”
  • Adjusting the Plain Size
Go “DISPLAY” tab > Select “GRID” > Make Changes > Apply
  • Duplicate Special
Go “EDIT” tab > Under ‘Duplicate’ Select “DUPLICATE SPECIAL”
  • See All Assets

Go “WINDOWS” tab > Select” OUTLINER”

  • Turn On Autosave


  • Smooth Tool

Mesh > Smooth

  • Create More Perspectives
Go “WINDOWS” tab > Under ‘Editor Layout’ Select “VIEW ARRANGEMENT”
  • Displaying Polygon Count
Go “DISPLAY” tab > Under ‘User Interface’ Select “HEADS UP DISPLAY” > Select “POLYCOUNT”
  • Cutting Out Shapes
Select Objects You Want To Cut > Go “MESH” tab – Under ‘Combine’ Select “BOOLEANS” > Select “DIFFERENCE”
  • How to make objects transparent
Go “SHADING” tab (viewport tool bar) > Select “X-RAY”
  • Importing References Images (With Screenshots)
Along the tool bar along the viewport (fig.3) > Select “IMAGE PLANE” (fig.4) > Find your file (fig.5) > Open (fig.6)
  • Smoothing UV Textures
Go “UV” tab > Under ‘Create’ Select “Automatic” > Adjust How Many Plains You Want To Repeat
  • Combining Objects
Go “MESH” tab > Under ‘Combine’ Select “COMBINE”
  • Switching To Object Mode
Hold Right-Click on Mouse > Drag Towards Object Mode (Upper Right) > Release
  • How To Curve Edges
Select the corner edges you want > Go “EDIT MESH” tab > Under ‘Components’ Select “BEVEL” (Adjusting “SEGMENTS” amount increases curvature smoothness)
  • Delete History
Go “EDIT” tab > Under ‘Delete’ Select “DELETE BY TYPE” > Select “HISTORY”
  • Constrain Objects
Last Selected Object Is the Constrained Object > In the drop down menu “MODELLING” Select “RIGGING” > Go “CONSTRAIN” > Under ‘Create’ Select “AIM” > Select “MAINTAIN OFFSET” > Apply.
  • Animating A Camera
With the camera selected
Things To Remember
Never use odd numbers when creating polygons
With 3 edges subdivide by 3
Any problems with interface > go in to Maya documents and delete Maya 2016
Helpful Channels


Reference Images

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6


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