Development Process – Creating the Frame (Part One)

The first in my step-by-step illustrated construction of my characters lair; The Apartment (as I am calling it for now) just as a proof of creation kind of thing and to help to me see how my work is progressing over time. For this, I am beginning my initial creation for the exterior walls of The Apartment.


Software Used

Autodesk Maya (2016)

TVPaint Animation 11.0.2 Pro

Grid Settings

Length & Width : 60 x 60 (every 10 equivalent to 1 metres)

Grid Lines Every : 1.0000 (1 metre)

Total Polygons


Design Progress

What Is Been Done

First things first, I got to creating the walls and flooring of the original flat starting with the exterior walls before progressing onto the interior and then building the floors around the layout and raising them to the kind of heights I felt comfortable with. With that complete, I proceeded onto adding in the steps and filling in parts that were open. Finally, the general frame of The Apartment is complete.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Up Next

Next in mind is the general details of the flat; doorways and windows.

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