Development Process – Miscellaneous Details (Part 4)

Total Polygons


Design Process

What Has Been Done

A lot of small changes and details have been added this time, with further detail added to the kitchen such as cookers and shelves, and the addition of a couch and table in the living room. With that done, I then started on making a change to the living room access to the corridor, which I had planned to be hidden behind a moveable television. What was originally a doorway like the others meant I would have to have a pretty large TV covering the wall, and that bought with it the problems of trying to figure out where the TV would go when we wanted access to the door behind, add to that, my idea for what this small room would be in the original flat is a large closet of sorts, so it needs to be realistic in how the TV moves out of the way. What came to mind in the end is the idea of a door which fits the entire doorway and blends with the wall when the TV is out and when the TV moves, the door slides down out of site to reveal the entrance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shot 39 (How The Flat Looks At The Moment)
The Flat In Its Current Form (Shot 39)

Up Next

Connection To The Second Flat

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