Interior Design (Cont…)


The main piece of the flat that I need to realise and establish first before moving on is the layout, and more especially how the upper level flat connects to the lower level flat; my main choice that was the first to come to mind was the idea of a secret entrance through the wall that would provide a disconnect between the styles of the two flats, the original flat staying true to being a flat (clean and tidy, etcetera, etcetera) with the second flat being completely refurbished to encompass the characters secret (armouries, bat-computer so to speak, etcetera, etcetera).

The flat on the Main Floor will be composed of a bedroom, toilet/shower (I may not model this room and just leave the door locked) and open plan living room/kitchen. The kitchen/living room will be a 3 tier design with the kitchen on the highest level overlooking the living room on the lowest with the middle tier connecting to the bedroom.

The flat on the Lower Level will hold everything relevant to my characters alter ego, such as weapons stocks, maybe a place for his suits and for where he plans out his activities.

Secret Entrance

Access to the other flat will be through a refurbished closet space hidden behind a moveable TV on the Main Floor that moves down a level into an opening in the Lower Level bedroom.


How I plan to differentiate this from your usual superhero secret lair is by not having it be this clean cut, mechanical, expensive looking secret entrance but instead grimy, with knocked out bricks and a clear look that expresses this look of being done not by some rich superhero with the equipment and technology but like your every day person.


Camera Shots

Camera-wise, the shot will start from the front entrance of the living room in the original apartment and start to move inwards towards the living room (fig.1), the camera will pan from the living room towards the kitchen area until Point 1, at which point it will aim towards the living room till Point 2 where its focus will be entirely on the TV and hidden door behind it.

Following that the camera will move through to Point 3, stopping to show off the interior of the two rooms before moving to Point 4, panning over the room before a final move towards Point 5.


Various parts of the Apartment will be animated to add to the feel, for instance the windows at Box 1 will open as the camera is panning the living room, allowing light from the exterior to fill in. After the camera stops on the TV, it will move away and open access into the secret passage. Following that I haven’t truly established what else I want, because the second flat is still empty in my mind right how.

Camera Angles & Animation Directions

Actual Lair

My idea going into the lair is that I will tear out certain elements from the original flat, for instance the kitchen table, the sofa TV, etcetera and maybe even remove the walls separating the bedroom, bathroom and living room to create an open space that will be filled with a centre piece table with a sprawled out map on top of maybe the city the lair is set in. What was the cabinet in the first apartment will instead be converted into a locker holding armour of some sorts. On the highest level I will place some more tables, maybe there to have weapons, etcetera placed on top. The windows will be blocked entirely leaving any lighting to be reliable on indoor lights.

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