Design Process – Adding Detail (Part 7)

Total Polygons


Design Process

What Has Been Done

The first thing I turned my attention to when adding detail was my original coffee table and couch, which I removed entirely and started from fresh, going for a more minimalistic design to their look which skinny bars as the support, etcetera, and when it comes to texturing, I plan to make it mostly metal apart from the seating part.

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I also worked on smaller details as well, such as items that will clutter the lair including small terminals and weapons, some of which I have already completed. One such thing was a weapon that I will place around; the original design for this gun isn’t my own, but instead borrowed from the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution, though the actual model was made by me, my reasoning behind this is that I felt its look fitted the kind of idea I am going for with everything in the apartment: something futuristic looking.

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Up Next

More Detail

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