With my animation finally done I can get to evaluating how I think things have gone and breakdown on what has happened.

Fitting The Brief

First things first I can confidently say that this has been my best work so far in terms of my input, my enjoyment and my effort. For one my animation fits the brief almost entirely, being 24fps at 1280×720 and at the set length of a minute though I will admit that when it comes to the four rooms we were supposed to have mine only really comes down to 3, there is a fourth at the end (fig.1) but with the lighting and the animations run time ending just as you reach the door, nothing is actually seen when in fact it does contain a simple stand that I had originally wanted build a set of armour over but in the end my time limit prevented me.


When it comes to modelling, though I have never used Maya 2016 before, my experience in college with 3Ds Max meant after a few hiccups at the start I soon found myself liking Maya alot more than Studio Max and got straight into work creating many detailed models that I feel fit the environment I created. If there was anything I would go back on its the actual small amount of assets I created in the end and the amount of time I spent on each, for instance the rifle took a lot of my time making it, double so when I lost the first version along with some other files and went back to create it yet again, as such I think there is some space in my environment that looks empty, more specifically the kitchen.


This is where I feel like a lot started to go wrong as texturing the assets the way I did was entirely new to me meaning alot of my time was spent getting to understand how to create textures and apply them and as the time grew shorter I just started reusing textures over and over again, for instance there is a lot of the same matte texture applied to plenty of things from the weapons to the environment itself. I do feel though as if some of the textures I came use are passable, for instance on the laptop, the rifle and the bullets but textures like the bricks applied to the walls in sense bring down the environment with their clearly flat and stretched nature.

Animation & Rendering

Animating and rendering for the most part went well, of course getting to understand how to work the camera got annoying at a lot of times as I would accidental move it and not be able to move it back forcing me to start again and again, or the camera would just move out of place somewhere along the line when I move the camera at some point further down. When it came to rendering things got easier, though lighting would sometimes not sure up making me after to stop the render to sort it out.

Overall I like how I worked in this project and what my outcome was as it is finally something I felt at home doing and as such enjoyed the entire process. For projects to follow I feel like I can take a lot from this, especially if its something that is 3D as the next time I don’t have to dedicate time to figure out how to work Maya, etcetera.

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