Design & Execution

The arm wrestle will play out on a table with a pub as the setting; this being clearly expressed by the bar being in the backdrop though no one outside of the two arms will be visible with their presence only being apparent through background chatter and laughter. For the background, almost everything will just be a 2D plane to save time and polygons except the bar which will be 3D with some details on it if I have the time like beer glasses and ash trays which might also do for the main table with some other miscellaneous details to help give some characterisation to the two arms but I don’t want that to extract from the main point of my video so that will come once the main animation is done.

The final designs for my robot are going for the more mechanical look, taking elements from the action figures for the shoulders and wrists as they give a clean 360 degree movement, and the hydraulics for the elbow. The zombie arm is going to be for the large part bone and tendon, with little flesh there is covering the parts of the anatomy that I will find difficult to model and texture perfectly.

Sound design will be for the most part simplistic, the aforementioned chatter and glass clinking will play in the background to add atmosphere. The Zombie will make sound only when to express it putting efforts into his arm, meanwhile the Robot will do the same, but have a variety of sounds that will fit for the different parts as there are a variety of different mechanisms moving the arm. Because in the brief it doesn’t specifically say whether we can or cant, I’m going to have both the Robot and Zombie have their arms connected to actually bodies, though like the rest of the scene the bodies will be out of focus and not too detailed.

The first 15 seconds of the animation will play out both arms settling on the table preparing for the wrestle; the Zombie cracking its knuckles and the Robot removing some armour plating giving us an opportunity to set up the two characters. It will then proceed for the next 30 seconds that the two begin their arm wrestle, both almost winning but by the 30 seconds is up still being in the wrestle; throughout this we will be able to express the clear difference between the Zombie and Robot; The Robot will remain rigid, each piece of its mechanism working to keep it fighting, while the Zombie will shake, and the tendons will bulge.

The last 15 seconds of the animation, I like the idea to go with it ending in a sort of stalemate with both sides not being able to push the others hand down to the point where it looks like the Zombies arm will snap off, but instead it is the Robots arm that gives in and breaks away.

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