Planning & Research


My plan for my Zombie v Robot is to show their competition with an arm wrestle between the two, through this I will make use of small details in their movements to show a difference between how the Robot arms animated compared to the Zombie. The Robot arm will be more rigid, composed of very solid and clean movements, the Zombie on the other hand will be more fluid and less predetermined. As well as the two arms I need a location for where this will be set; To keep a sense of consistency I plan to have it set somewhere people would tend to fight it out like how you see in movies and TV programmes.

At a minute long the animation needs to be interesting enough to keep the viewers attention, as such I’ll give with around 30 seconds of the arms actually wrestling, with fifteen seconds at the start devoted to the arms setting up and the last fifteen for showing off the winner or something that gives a satisfying ending.



In all types of media zombies seem to come between two extremes; one where they look more or less uninfected with some splatters of blood and their actions obviously being what makes them zombies, and then there’s the rotting or half eaten zombies. Going the ‘untouched’ look would make a more realistic looking animation in terms of it being able to put in an effort against a robot without crumbling, but the more rotted idea would make a more defined zombie and give something more interesting to look at and model

The more fresh version of a zombie.

The more rotted version of a zombie.



Bender from the cartoon Futurama uses arms that allow more fluid movements while still retaining that look of some mechanised, the three-pronged fingers are also interesting to me as they will show a clear distinction compared to the Zombie. Complications come from figuring out how the grip of this type of hand would work with the Zombies grip. As well as the fact this design gives a more loose arm rather than the more rigid and uniform type.

Cranes And Digger Hydraulics

What inspiration I have taken from diggers is the use of hydraulics, it gives the very rigid movements I’m looking for as well as a more authentic look for my Robot arm, in that when it moves you will be able to see the entire arm work together.

Action Figures

The way joints work for action most common action figures is also something I would like to explore; for shoulders especially it will add a level of flexibility while still keeping that rigid movement. How it works is that the shoulder is a ball shape that connects into the body with a rod that allows it to be twisted up and down in place a full 360′, the biceps connects to this with a second rod that isn’t a piece of the shoulder ball but connected on a hinge that allows it to move the entirety of the arm up and down depending on the direction its twisted only 180′. This design will help me to give my robot some freedom of movement while staying with that rigid and formative look and multiple-piece design means I can some interesting animations as the arm works, with each part working in unison.



Would either be done on the bar itself, or a table with the bar a clear sight in the background so people have a clear indication of where the animation takes place, this could also be achieved with just having pint glass filled with beer be within sight. I could get away with a simple 2d background of the bar, blurring the details in post to make the entire scene seem focused the arm wrestle.


Set in some undefined quiet street, this could be at night to remove any need for other details except only the really needed ones that give away the location and the scene lit up with street lights that help to focus the wrestle with distant sounds of cars and sirens to add some atmosphere.

Car Park

Can either be in a exterior car park or in one of the multi-story types, either way this would provide an interesting location to set the wrestle as like with the others this it fits with the theme of one of the common areas you see fight scenes. the only problem comes from the background, 2d cars could be done but it wouldn’t be that interesting to see, and making the 3d would require more effort.

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