Does It Fit The Brief?

I feel for the most part, even if it wasn’t much to a professional standard compared to some typography we see nowadays, I feel my final piece did fit the brief in a sense that I was able to make use of rhythm, timing, and to an extent colours to help express the audio. The use of keeping some words longer than others, or having sentences be completed on screen without having any of it be taken away helped in this as well. And through having two voices I was able to help make it clear how one voice was louder than the other through the use of making one persons speech smaller in scale than another’s.

Do My Target Audience Clearly Identify What I Am Trying To Achieve?

Of those who I have shown my work to they have all said they like what has been done, though there is a clear room for improvement that could have made a more entertaining visual experience. Syncing was said to be very well done and there was a clear distinction for the majority on who was speaking at a a time through the use of colouring and scale, though the multiple seconds of silence were something that could have been edited out, or at least some visual put relating the video which I will explain below.

What Would I Improve On For My Next Project?

First things first I would make sure to be using the right equipment for the audio recording; for this project it was my Iphone 5 camera and that in itself caused a lot of pain as I went through Adobe Première to separate the audio and video, and Adobe Audition to then make the saved Mp4 video file into a Mp3 audio file so I could eventually open it in TvPaint to start my typography and that is even without trying to clear up the audio so in the background is some static.

A better use of colouring will make a world of difference, as well as a consistency in how I use them, for instance having Kia’s be one colour, and mine another set colour so its more easily identifiable who’s speaking when.

And as mentioned above, the spaces of time where there is nothing happening, I would fill these with visual elements that help set the scene, for instance the fan in the background could be expressed through wavey text or a little graphic somewhere in the corner, and with when pages of the book were turned I would apply that look to the screen, with either a book as the background and the text limited to the pages, or just the entire background turning like a page every time she moved it.

The Final Animation

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