Plan, Design, Execution

The Plan

The aim of this project is to use sequential images to create the illusion of movement, more specifically having an animation of words either displayed 2D or made 3D with a voiced recording of a speech laid over it, the emphasis of this project to have the two run in rhythm with each other in a way that flows nicely and adds something to the speech.

I’m on the fence on whether to go 2D or 3D with my animation as each provide their own unique style to typography that I can make use of, with 2D I feel I can make better use of speed and rhythm making this the focus point of my animation, but with 3D I can introduce elements like weight, varying camera angles and more elaborate animations but at the cost of being time consuming depending on how far I want to go like if for some of the characters or objects in my recording I wanted to have instead of words but a visual representation, think instead of putting the word bear I instead wanted to create a 3D bear, I need to create it in the already limited time I have, whereas for 2D I can draw a quick rough sketch, or use an image of Google though it wont have the same kind of impact or look that can be given by 3D models.

Some example videos of both 2D and 3D that makes use of typography in way that appeals to me;

In the Kendrick Lamar lyric video, what stood out to me most that I want to recreate is the sense of flow in the wording especially during the verses like at 1:58 – 2:05.

In the tutorial on typography the use of colour to emphasise words and expressions to have a more striking visual effect on the viewer and the choice of fonts and arrangements to express the tone and manner.

The Cox n’ Crendor video while not a specific use of typography had the elements of where they used visual gags to enhance the recording, making what was just a laugh in the recording come across as a variety of different things such as a phone vibrating, a dolphin and polishing a vase.

The Execution

The video I am using is one of two done between me and my girlfriend Kia where she was reading from a book for the sole purpose of this animation. I went with the one where she doesn’t quite get to the end and I have some input mainly because it fits the 30 seconds brief, and it also offers a lot more in turns of different sounds, rhythm and pitches and volumes which in turns give me more to create an animation from.

The audio comes in at around 30 seconds, so with an additional ending credits it may come to around 35 seconds in the final form which is a little over the set amount but not by much, and if I can, I’ll edit it down further.

Effects outside of the typography itself may be limited in a sense that I want all the attention on the words and not something that could break the flow by being distracting, essentially I want the viewer to see a clear and consistent animation that wont cause them to pause or feel like they missed something.

The primary software I will be using is TvPaint to create the animation, and then Premier or After Effects for post-production, syncing the recording and animation and adding an finishing touches to spruce it up.

Practice Attempts

Before making my final animation, I made two practice videos, one really short, the other much longer than the brief-specified time.

This animation was made for me to get back into understanding TVPaint and get a hang of things after not using the software for so long and doesn’t feature any creativity or audio.

The second animation was a much more professional attempt at using TVPaint now that I was once again familiar with the software, and features audio from a song. In this animation I was able to make use of elements like rhythm, syncing the words and creating more flair with my typography, though during the post-production in Adobe Premier the audio I put in wasn’t really syncing with my animation, and the final outcome is just slightly out of sync.


As my final animation isn’t reading from a script, I had to go through the audio and make out where I and Kia spoke and what we said;

Kia – “Ooh hear the dog

Kia – “Ooh she’s done a lil’ bit of a (Pause/Page flick) Genisis

Kia – “Some Christian shit

Kia – “But of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, tho shalt not eat of it

Me – “(Laugh) I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously when you read (Laugh) Just can’t do it

Kia – “Whyy?

Me – “You change your voice n’ everything, it’s so wierd

Kia – “I know”

Me – “(Laughing) It’s too funny

Kia – “I never gave too much thought to how I’d die

Kia – “The

Me -“(Laughing)


Cox n’ Crendor – Youtube Channel – Kia Martin WordPress


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