Design (Robot Arm & Zombie Arm Final Concepts)

Final Robot Design


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Some final drawings for my Robot design including the arm and the chassis, as you can see I’ve went with a design that can allow maximum degree of movement. The ball-shaped shoulder (1) fits into a sort of slot on the shoulder of the chassis (1) without any connecting wires or such allow the shoulder 360 degrees of movement up and down and front to back meaning I can get at angles that are in particular positions without moving the entire body to compensate.

The arm itself comes in 3 separate pieces each connected to each other; the shoulder and ball (1 & 2), the forearm (3) and the hand and fingers (4). The forearm is capable of moving up and down but I couldn’t see any way in making it capable of moving left and right but the freedom of the shoulder compensates for this by being able to move the entire arm into whatever angle.

Final Zombie Design



I didn’t really expand much into the Zombie arm, instead using the drawing the lecturer had given us and following his tutorials as I didn’t want to go extravagant with it when I would also need to rig and such later on. I had gone so far as to model a body but when attaching the arm some more issues came up.

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