A Brief Explanation on the Current State of my Blog

Due to a series of problems I faced in the past few months at university my attention to this blog has become very limited as I’ve been trying my hardest to stay up to date with my hand-in’s meaning I’ve posted entire project briefs here and just then never anything else for it except the next brief.

Over the next week though this is about to change though because its my final deadline for literally everything I’m behind on which is four projects (That i definitely know of);

Project 2 – Origins (Animation Studies)

Project 3 – Feature Pitch (Animation Studies)

Project 4 – Can You Sit Still (Understanding Animation)

Project 8 – Robot Verse Zombie (Understanding Animation)

As such I am about to get very very very spammy with blogs over the next few days but I’ll try my best to keep consistent with my output and organised on what I am publishing at a time; specifically publishing all the work relevant to a specific project at a time in this order;

Project 3 – Feature Pitch, then

Project 8 – Robot Verse Zombie, then

Project 2 – Origins, and then

Project 4 – Can You Sit Still


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