Research Part 2

From the research done before this I have made final descision to do Wacky Races as its simplistic nature and overarching plot gives me something I can build on and easily update for a new audience without loosing what made it special.

Stoyr Telling

Though stories in original comedies didn’t have to be anything special, (think Popeyes repetition of the same plotline for each episode for example) there still needs to some sense of a protagonist, and antagonist and some goal they both want to reach in order to have a reason for the series to run (again think of Popeye as the protagonist, Bluto the antagonist, and Olive Oyl the person both are fighting for (the goal)) no matter how simplistic it is. As such, building on my choice for Wacky Races, I will now look into the different storylines told that resolve around characters racing from one point to another.

Story 1 – Wacky Races

Wacky Races didnt generally tell complex or diverse stories, instead using the same concept of the participants all starting together at the start line and racing towards the finish as a core to build the action and comedy around. You could say a lot of the story telling was done through the actions of the racers, about their journey to the finnish line and the interactions with other characters along the way, using the race and Dick Dastadly’s attempts at winning to add tension or conflict though not often more than a slight inconvience to the racers. The large variety of characters, and Dick Dastadlys constant scheming kept an interest for the viewer and something new to see each episode.

Protagonist  – the variety of contenstants

Antagonist – Dick Dastadly

Goal – winnoing the race

Story 2 – Death Race 2000

The plot to Death race 2000 is one of satire and violence as four contestants of varying archetypes compete in a race across the United States of America in future where the public viewing of this race is view on national television. The aim of the race is not only to reach the finish line but kill people by running them down along the way, gaining different amounts of points depending on who they kill (elderly and the young gain more points than general adults and such). The story develops more from just the race, as a resistance group try and overthrow the oppressive government in order to end the race.

Protagonist – Frankenstien

Antagonist  The Government

Goal – For Frankenstien it helping the Resistance abolish the race but for others its to win and gain points.

Story 3 – Race Race

A comedy, this story revolves around a group of contestants who won a special coin in a casino and are entered into a race to reach a locker in another part of the country that will be filled with a lot of money. The story spends time following each member as they race in whatever vehicle they can find all the while having bets placed on them to see who will win and each becoming involved in events that get in their way and provide the humour.

Protagonist – the contestants

Antagonist – No one really except each other as the people who have placed the bets aren’t trying to intervene in any way.

Goal – reach the locker and get the money however they can.

Story 4 – The Great Race

The story of this slapstick comedy is a lot like the others, seven racers organise a race between each other to reach Paris from New York in their own handmade cars and follows the events of three specific characters as they meet new people and go to new locations.

Protagonist –  The Great Leslie

Antagonist  – Professor Fate

Goal –  reach Paris first

Story 5 – Around the World in 80 Days

The movie version (2004) follows an eccentric inventor and his companion in a journey to curcumnavigate the world in just 80 days through any means possible on a bet while the man they bet against trys to stop them so he wins the money.

Protagonist – Phileas Fogg

Antagonist – Lord Kelvin

Goal – curcumnavigate the world in just 80 days.

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