Final Idea

Brief Summary

With research done, its time to build on my idea, bringing in the elements of my choice that I considered and liked from when I was gooing through the research process. First of all, Art Style; John K. is my main source of inspiration, not just for his work in Ren & Stimpy but also for caricature work which I will blend together. I will explain the reason further in sections below but essentially the idea in my mind is to take my characters and present them and the world there are in a somewhat satire look at our own world. Caricatures often exagerate pieces of particular people to help express the elements that stand out from them and can help to define that character.


Storytelling will take the core concept of Wacky Races; the line of characters racing across the map in competition with humour and action providing the entertainment, and be develop further with the ideas and themes from the film Death Race 2000 in its use of camp and satire that took the mindless violence and action shown for the majority of the film and used it to take the anger and opinion of peoples view on the polical system and culture of the time.

Basically I will update this to fit our modern culture; characters will remain over the top stereotypes of people and such and this will be more shown than told to the viewer through the designs of them and their vehicles. This is something that can interest a more mature audience despite the benign violence and action that will make up the show as it adds more depth and critical view to the entertainment.

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