Research Part 3

Art Styles

There is a pure wealth of art styles varying in colour palette, smoothness of the lines and so on and so forth, (See this site for just a 100 different types of styles employed when drawing this one man: http://cartoonkevin.com1). I could explore each and every one of these styles and I still will just to explore the ups and downs of how they would work with my cartoon, but from the start I had a particular style in mind that will employ the exaggeration of the violence and action in my scenes and eccentric designs for the characters and cars and will delve further into this at a later point:

There are multiple different ways of how exactly you go about the animating that I still consider2;

Traditional 2D

Employed in classical cartoons from the early ages of drawn animation, Traditional 2D is done entirely through pencil and paper and drawing each and every frame. The obvious downside to this kind of animation compared to others is the time consuming nature of the work as simple mistakes can set the artist back ages but the payoff is something that can spectacular and can work in helping the viewer feel that unique creative nature.



Examples: Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, Peter Pan, Aladdin

Notable Artists – Hannah-Barbera, Walt Disney, Fliescher Brothers

Digital 2D

A more modern interpretation of how to draw 2D animations from the Traditional 2D, Digital makes use of software built specifically for the of drawing the worlds and characters in an easier manner that is more forgiving of mistake and can be changed on the fly. This is how I want to go ahead with my cartoon, using software like TVPaint and such software to be able to keep up with the demand of creating a cartoon series in what will be a somewhat small amount of time if I want it to be a viable choice compared to competition. As well, the time ssaved will be used to add detail and in all create a better and smootehr looking final product.


Examples: Family Guy, Rick & Morty, Simspons, Futurama

Notable Artists – Seth MacFarlane, Justin Roiland, Matt Greoning

Digital 3D

3D isn’t really a style that is common in TV cartoons right now as it cannot express the kind of look that the cartoon is going for, often coming across a little peculiar to the viewer in a term known as the “uncanny valley”3 with films like the Polar Express and so forth where characters and the environments seem almost photorealistic, but there is just something off about the characters; their eyes or weird movements. On the other hand, though, 3D animation is something that can greatly help to capture the imagination of the viewer and add some realism and depth to the worlds created at the cost of a time consuming process. And let’s take in the idea that cars and characters in my animation will be destroyed and torn to pieces, something that just can’t be done and quick and good looking manner with 3D.


Examples – Polar Express, the majority of video games nowadays

Exagerate Animations

The overall art style I have had in mind for my cartoon is something that can easily work with exaggerated violence and over the top character design while still looking attractive to the eye and clear for the viewer to understand they are looking at. As such, I have been looking into artists like John Kricfalusi (creator of Ren & Stimpy), Matt Groening (Simspons, Futurama) and Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park). Though there are many, these four artists create cartoons that strike detailed and visually stunning colour palette while still being able to create somewhat offputting violence and so on that works well to fit into their specific cartoon.


1 –

2 –

3 –

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