Plan Part Two

My plan for my Zombie v Robot is to show their competition with an arm wrestle between the two, through this I will make use of small details in their movements to show a difference between how the Robot arms animated compared to the Zombie. The Robot arm will be more rigid, composed of very solid and clean movements, the Zombie on the other hand will be more fluid and less predetermined. As well, though right now I haven’t really delved to much into the kind of overall narrative I want to take place in this animation, I am wanting the design a robot to go with the arms and one to go with the zombie and as such, especially for the robot I’ll be looking into what chassis will work for me. With this established I am going to look into exploring ideas for how the Zombie and the Robot will look.

The Robot

Robot Inspiration

There is no shortage of inspiration for Robot designs for me to look at, from video games to books the plethora of varying and unique designs is unparalleled by the Zombie. As such I took a lot of time looking into new and interesting ideas I wanted to see in my final creation. The overall design aesthetic I’m going for is something slim, angular and nimble but still humanoid in how the arms and head work, my reason for this being the arm wrestle will require the freedom of said arm and therefore any body or pieces that protrude out in any way can at some point impact on the available degree of movement for the arms and that’s something that could halt the entire process at a time when I don’t really have the means or time left to change it. Joint wise I’m going to emulate the action figure toys we see today, making use of ball joints and hinges to allow the robot to move without the need of bones.

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The Zombie

Zombie Inspiration

The Zombie brainstorm is admittedly a bit more limited in exploration of ideas than the Robot mainly due to the fact that when you really do look into it all Zombie ideas don’t really expand further than chewed meat, or boney, and so on with only some exceptions that have been seen more often in video games than movies with the likes of the Infected, The Flood, and the Necromorphs; all of which take that mangled body horror even further with protruding bones, fleshy fungus and such. Unfortunately my time as it is is becoming more limited, meaning taking a zombie arm and adding onto his hanging flesh or other details is out of the question and instead I am aiming for the generic design or a skinny, nimble arm.

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