Execution (Cameras, Sounds & Lighting)


There will be 3 cameras at work during this animation, each providing its own focus of attention to particular parts either the animation itself or character design though one camera will be used more so than the others.

Camera 1 : Wrestle Focus

This camera will move the most, adjusting its view as it focuses entirely on the two arms at play and thus will need to move slightly up, down, or left and right in order to get a better focus for the viewer. Of the three this is the camera the majority of the shots will come from, the viewer only switching at times when its necessary.

Camera 2 : Zombie Focus

This cameras primary role is to set up the Zombie, show it waiting and then provide a more clear view of the animation as the Arm climbs onto the table. Following this it will provide no other use as the other two cameras take over.

Camera 3 : Robot Focus

As with the others this camera will focus entirely on the Robot to get a more clear picture of the kind of detail and animation that has gone into it.


In order to help direct the focus of the animation, only a single primary light source is going to be used for the animation. More specifically this will be a Spotlight aimed down from above the table where this wrestle will take place. But at the same time, I want to help set the location without elements feeling out of place or having to stuff everything into one place. For that reason, at the start of the animation I will place a second light or set of lights around the set and combined with certain camera angles or even an establishing shot allow the viewer to see the entirety of the shot.


There is no dialogue between the two characters as one is literally just and arm, but to an extent there will be dialogue from out of shot meant to give the bar some life as if other people are there though it will just be a general rabble and not have any actual discernible dialogue or response towards the two characters. Along with talking other sounds will including those usually accompanying a bar; glass clinging, make a jukebox, ectcetera.

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