Execution (Final Models)

Final 3D Models


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As mentioned before, I wanted to create the arm, chassis and head to complete the final design and went further to add some detail to the character as I was felt it was feeling a little basic. I designed it in a way to be able to animate in smooth quick performances that give a full unlimited range of movement from the controllers, such as the ability to twist, bend back and forth and side to side for both the head and body. for example the twist and bow forward function on the body allow the robot to bend over at an angle in order to rest its elbow on the table while not having the rest of the body getting in the way.


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The Zombie Arm is more human in design than anything else, relying on my textures to be able to present it as some rotting, fleshy, torn off arm rather than a standard human. The lack of a body will no doubt create some issues when animating as from tests I’ve seen the entire arm move when I try and move the hand a certain distance meaning a lot of corrections to be made. Initially I had a body to go with the arm(s) and a rather generic head borrowed from Mudbox but in the end complications with the skin after rigging I omitted the model and stuck with just the arm.


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As already established, the final set for my animation to take place in is a pub, more specifically in the corner of it at a sort of V.I.P seating area out of sight of the main bar and seating area to avoid having to do as much detail as I possibly can. Detail within the visible scenery will be limited as much as possible except for the sofa and table and maybe a glass or beer bottles and some lighting. As you can see in the images above as well as the centre piece I designed the bar itself despite no animations taking place there, the reasons are two fold; one is because of the angle the Robot will enter the scene from, having nothing in the background will result in black empty space, and the other reason is because having those few second shots of the scene behind the Robot will help establish the location they are in without having to be too direct in any other way.

How It Looks

All of the models are still awaiting textures as of right now, something I’ll do later once all the finer details and changes are finished, but right now things are starting to come into shape, with the Zombie and Robot placed in the Set and everything has been scaled to the correct sizes.


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