Final Animation

This is the final animation for the Project Robot verses Zombies, animating was an arduous task but its finally completed and I can now go on to evaluate the final product and my role in the project as well below.


Does It Fit What I Was Aiming For?

The project brief established that the core of this animation was to show two different ways to animate; one with the more rigid design (the Robot) and the other a more flexible design with more freedom and fluidity in how it animates. I have in fact created two final animations for my project, the hand-in version being the second of the two; my first included more in a sense of animations the two characters did with more of an conclusive ending rather than the screen just cutting to black like in the hand-in. My reasoning behind not using it was because in the end the two arms animated more or less in the same way, the Robots movements being more fluid and human-like for lack of better word than what I created at 0.12 secs above and I felt it didn’t really show any difference to how the Zombie moved like specified in the Brief.

Other than that I believe I followed the Brief to a reasonable extent; the Zombie’s skin, rigging and bones were all followed from the provided tutorial on the subject and especially around 0.08 secs and 0.12 secs I created two different movement styles for the arms. The Robot was more of my own step away from the tutorials with me taking what I have learned from the tutorials and understanding how I would take the same concept and use it in something different: the Robot has no bones for rigging like the Zombie, but I took the custom attributes and controllers used on the Zombie fingers and used that on the entirety of the Robot itself, having controllers for the head, hands and body as a whole making the whole animating part considerably easier for me. This can be seen in this small video I created below highlighting my point.

How Closely Did I Follow My Initial Plans?

When looking at the storyboard and comparing it to the final animation we can see that it followed each scene closely with a few exceptions.

Scene 2


The Robot was meant to throw some money onto the table as if to tempt the Zombie in.


The Robot makes the move as if to throw something but on the first few attempts I just couldn’t get the coin throw to look natural and instead omitted it in the end. The Robot stills performs the action without the coins but it is now passed off as if to gesture to the Zombie.

Evaluating Myself

Did I Work In A Consistent Manner?

A major problem I have when working with the projects that I have continuously done throughout the year is this; I see the Project Brief, and idea comes to mind, and I focus entirely on making the final product without any research and such first because I already know what I want to do. The thing is with this past project I’ve started to realise the importance of doing all this ‘filler’ first because in the end, when I come back to it so I have some blogs to hand in I always think of another idea that I want to do or some way to improve on my ideas or just simply to show a sense of progression with my work. So in all honestly I know that with this project, and every other (as I probably keep repeating in these evaluations) I would say working to a professional standard in a consistent manner is something I’ve not been doing. On the other hand though, with the 3D modelling I did manage to get them all completed in quick succession, spending at most 12 hours a day on each model at a time.

What Have I Taken From Previous Projects That I Improved On This Time?

My previous project the Lair was said to be extremely dark in places, and even though that was the kind of atmosphere I was trying to go for it could have been brighter so the models would be easier to see. As can be seen in this screenshot below I was at first about to repeat this mistake again, but last minute I changed the brightness of the lights in the scene so that everything that needs to be seen is seen.

What Would I Do Differently Next Time?

Organisation is going to be a major factor I improve on with all current and future projects and something I have implemented to a degree with this project itself: I aim to have at a minimum 6 blog posts a piece for each project in this design; x2 Planning blogs were I research into ideas, x2 Design blogs highlighting my concept drawings and story boarding, and x2 Execution blogs that will show designs and sets in their final forms and explain my production process for the project (lighting, camera work, sound and such).

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