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Test Animations

These are just two quick and simple animations I did practising with moving the Speaker across the screen as he talks to the viewer. My idea comes in two; one is to simply move the character across the screen as if walking, with a slight bob to his entire body to help provide some weight (Test Animation 2), this will help keep the viewers focus where we need it as the Speaker will always remain in sight on the screen. The second idea is to have the Speaker move upwards from the bottom of the screen, say his piece and move back down only to pop up elsewhere and say the next part (Test Animation 1); this provides a cleaner transition for the Speaker but whereas Animation 2 helps keep the viewer focused this kind of transition could, especially for younger children be harder to keep a focus.

Looking more into it, I believe I can make use of both transitions: since I am using more than one type of background throughout the video I want to limit as much as possible cases of having a sharp change to the scene during the transitions in order to keep a smooth and entertaining video, as such, just before and after a transition the Speaker will drop down out of view and pop back up on the new background, but when I want him to move against the same colours he’ll walk. This idea will help drive forward my use of new backgrounds to be some new room as his movements help express what exactly is going on.

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