Character Development

Background Research

Off the bat I have an idea for the character I want to create and will focus on pursuing and developing this idea further rather than explore different ones; essentially what I want to create is a character that mixes both an organic body with mechanised elements, more or less how you see people nowadays with prosthetic arms or legs but more advanced. It allows me to explore both more organic, smoother drawing while also combining it with angled and more rigid drawings.

Sources of Inspiration

Below is a long list of sources of inspiration for my character design, obviously some ideas look similar in certain aspects and therefore I might repeat myself once or twice.

Video Games

Black Ops 3

The most common look we see from a lot of games and movies, this robot employs a humanoid look overall but with a more industrial theme to its look and design where every bolt and mechanism is visible at the joints. What ideas come to mind from this design is the idea of taking the arms or legs and combining to a organic body, the themes it would help evoke for my character and his world would be a sense of it being futuristic with advances in technology, but not to the point where everything can be streamlined and made to fit perfectly and what advances they have are still these big lumbering designs.

Mass Effect

Fitting to the very much organic look I want to use, the Geth from the Mass Effect franchise appear to be life-like with skin, but the mechanised design shows itself around the waists and arm joints with wiring and piping and the single brightly lit eye in the head. What I like from this is the way the skin looks almost like bare muscle giving that sense of pure strength from the thighs and biceps.


Employing a clean minimalist design, these characters from Portal 2 look way more robotic than anything close to human but still give off their own character; the left one being skinny and tall and the right one being shorter and wider and the implementation of the head and body being one with the eye at the core. What I like is from the right character though with how the shoulders tower up over the body which would provide a unique look to my character and help him stand out from others. Also I like the fact the Portal Gun is a part of their arm instead of being held in a hand; using this concept for my character would help drive some sense of narrative from him with his weapon attached to his arm showing some sense of being committed to a violent cause.


More a suit than robot, this design looks at its core as if pure muscle with some hints of bone at particular points in the body and gives off that militaristic and strong intimidating look while keeping some semblance of humanity beneath the design despite the lack of any discernible features in the face. Again this kind of design would help to drive a difference between my character and the inhabitants of his world but could be explained as some outfit he was given due to serving in the military.

Deus Ex

The more human of all the designs, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution is still a human male but after a series of life threatening situations is mostly augmented with mechanised limbs which is carried as one of the main themes told through the games narrative as he didn’t want to be put in that kind of life changing situation. What I like the most is, even though the arms are clearly not organic his body still seems so with just some slight indications otherwise and helps to give that clear separation of human and mechanised but at the some times has blended the two into something that could pass off as normal.



The protagonist from Robocop is very similar to Adam Jensen above in how its a mix of both a human and a robot after some violent event happening in their life, but this takes it to more of an extreme with just a face to keep that semblance of humanity and even then it looks as though just skin has been put onto a robot head. Using this idea for my character would better to give mixed feelings to the viewer as they feel sympathetic to the protagonist but at the same time there’s that little but of suspicion about his cause.

I Robot

The machines from I Robot follow that humanoid body design but where they most give the look is in the head design with the eyes, eyes and realistic looking nose and mouth placed over a clear skull that reveals the machine inside. Like Robocop, what I would take from this is that clear blend of the two in order to give mixed feelings to the viewer.


The protagonist from the film Chappie is a sentient robot and as such has clear human emotions and expressions but is contained within a mechanised body. Everything on this design I’ve talked about already but one element that makes it stand out and something I want to employ in my own way is the sort of “bunny” ears on the head. These help to provide some human like buffer when held in view of the weapons and graffiti but also help in story telling as a way to help express Chappies emotions.

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Connections to the Lair

My characters connections to the Lair I created in the other project is that this is his home and after the event that causes him to have to be operated on his base of operations, converting a second flat into his plan room with a secret divide between the to.

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