Design Part 1 (Set/Character Design)

Set Design

This is the pre-textured version of my final set (Image.1); I’ve maintained a somewhat more minimalist design with the majority of the assets being very low poly. 2D details will cover the walls based around it with elements like notices, safety warnings and maybe a brick texture to give some texture. Like I had suggested before, I’ve gone with the idea of not having anything visible from where the totes or trays come out from, instead going for a black void in the gaps as whats beyond there is not really relevant. I set the grid by meters and built the set around this to the scale of around 7x6m, so everything is to an accurate distance and length.

Additional Details

The robots will go either side of the conveyor belt and be set out in a pattern of every other meter (Image.2) in a zig-zag pattern with the placement of our character set against the rear wall. The two planes further in the background are there for the 2D roof, on which a cargo crane will move slowly back and forth (Image.3).

Character Design

Building on my initial ideas for the Protagonist and other set robots I created around 6 final variations, each building on new ways their joints connect and such but at the end still carrying that arched over the workplace back. To note, each variation was a build over the other and such some in the end were never completed; I’ve decided to still show them in order because for some it is very clear where my mind would change or I would want to build on certain aspects (Image…)

There were two final ideas; a more bulky, robotic looking design that would fit the industrial workplace and require no rigging or skeleton and the more organic looking design. I know at the start I was going for the organic look more, but after rigging it it became clear to me this would be a pain in the long term so the robotic type came as a back up of sorts.

Interactive Object & Container Design

I covered the importance of the interactive Object and container previously, and taking in what I said I’ve drafted a couple ideas; for the container I was torn been designing a literal container or tray, or something in-between. The interactive object in the end was simple; when drawing out ideas for what it can look like I first drew a simple duck as just a quick and simple idea… and that actually fit perfectly for me, as such unlike the character design their isn’t really any concept drawings for interactive objects; to do them now would just waste time and I feel the idea of these machines creating ducks along an assembly line would really work. There is this contrast between these machines working their lives in a warehouse, the design literally giving off a look as if it is this back breaking job and at the end of the day they are fitting together ducks, this would also make our Protagonists’ out of character moments seem more relatable and reasonable.

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