Design Part 2 (Camera, Lights & Sounds)

Camera Angles & Lighting

The animation will be filmed through 2 cameras; though I haven’t got a final storyboard, I want to open the scene from an eye-level angle looking over the entirety of the assembly line to establish the scene, the Protagonist from the start and for maybe a few seconds in wont yet be easily picked out from the group as they follow the same monotonous pattern. As the animation becomes more personal and focused on the Protagonist, I’ll switch between eye-level and an angle looking up at the main character; with the way I’ve designed it, I’ve noticed this angle helps define its hunched back and can also help give the viewer a look at the roof to add to the setting.

In terms of lighting I want to tackle a problem that was mentioned a lot in my feedback with projects last year of its always being too dark; factories are generally always well-lit for a myriad of reasons and to help further the idea of this being a back breaking, horrible job, the lighting I use will be set bright, directly above the robots.


Sounds are going to play a major factor in helping to give the viewer the idea of this being a much larger, busier area. There wont be any dialogue or such, but a lot of the actions the robots take will be easily discernible amongst the background noise that have some rhythm so once the Protagonist starts to act out its actions will stand even more out compared to the status quo and such.

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