Plan Part 2 (Set & Character Design)

(Right now, all the blogs I’m posting aren’t actually finished, they still require the references, images and maybe more text to flesh out certain aspects. I had planned to release them when they were done ages ago but right now I need to show at least something..)

Set Design

Maintaining the rule of keeping things simple in terms of how I design my sets I need to look at what makes a factory and decide on how I can make the most of what is given without overdoing it. In the end I plan to have just the conveyor belt, the Protagonist and its fellow robots and the miscellaneous objects that will enter and exit the shot.

No matter what the factory is there for there always seems to be this same-ish look and layout to the way they are designed; massive, high reaching roofs, plenty of clutter to fill any empty space and a general sense of chaos with often hundreds of people and machines working round the clock in assembly lines, one taking a specific role that relies on the person before them (Image….).

Image.  (A mood board of some random pictures from multiple different factories and warehouses to help show the similarities)

At the same time, keeping to my set constraints I don’t intend to actually show all this directly to viewer; the conveyor belt will sit against two closed walls and the sense of a much larger place will be done through sound design, and the little details on those walls such as notices, warnings or instructions. Once I have an idea on camera angles, I may go onto have those walls actually be dividers, meaning the viewer will see the roof actually reach much higher than the walls themselves and stretch off into the distance; this meant to give it something that looks more than just a small room, this will also make use of some more 2D, drawing the roofing, support beams, maybe some animated machines moving across to give more life.

Interactive Object & Container Design

Though what exactly it is isn’t important, the Interactive Objects design and look is as this needs to be something both sensible in terms of design but also multi-use; our imaginations can make a lot of different things out of a simple objective, but at the end of the day the more I can do to make it accessable and interactive the better it is in the long run. The look itself doesnt need to be too complex, but since I may want more than just the onerobot on this line I need something that has a reason to be passed between them. The container itself is probably the least important thing in this entire animation, our Protagonist can interact with it as well, but its main real purpose is to hold our Interactive Objects as they are moved down the line.

Cameras & Angles

High Angle (Image….) – adds to the suppressed imagery of making the character feel smaller and weak as well as defining the hunched back design but would make it harder to combine the 2D supervisor in a clear and easy way.

Low Angle (Image….) – of all the ideas I’m going through, this angle, especially at close up is the best for getting close and personal with the Protagonist and let the viewer have a clear view of its movements. On the other hand having the Supervisors silhouette against the foreground of this kind of shot wouldn’t blend as well as maybe some other shots.

Eye-Level / Straight On (Image….) – the most neutral of all the shots is having the camera remain fixed directly ahead of the Protagonist; compared to low angled this shot would make it much easier to blend the silhouette; maintaining a static shot meaning the same shape and angles could stay throughout the entire shot, though this wouldn’t really create something that looks at all interesting for the minute duration and would make it harder with emoting the actions of the Protagonist throughout.

Reference Video : 

This is not to say I can only use one camera angle or shot for the entire video, using a neutral, boring shot like this could work in establishing the scene, showing the Protagonist amongst the other machines on the assembly line (Image….) to help set the mood and atmosphere of the video and setting.

Character Design

I want the final design to carry a sleek modern look to the way its designed, it needs to fit into the greater world and but also carry character in the look. Giving an appeal and relation to the viewer so they can feel for the character from second 1. One big underlying theme I will carry through the character design is this sense of being overworked, they will arch over the conveyor belt, heads down working in unison but not interacting with each other; so when our Protagonist begins acting out this will be more out of place for what they should be doing.

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