Research Part One

I made a quick brainstorm over what I would like to animate, covering brief story aspects and locations but it to when I have a stronger idea. It was a quick process for me to get through; I started listed different locations, different types of conflicts within stories that I liked and could come up with, plus jotting any quick ideas that would come to mind down  along side the brainstorm, not spending any time at the moment to develop them further because I just wanted every idea that came to mind out of it.

My First Brainstorm

My research/idea generation started in the last week of the Christmas holiday as I looked at a mishmash of different TV programs, films, video games and even adverts that didn’t necessarily fit the brief but were giving me inspiration when it came to theme, the kind of music and ways to show interaction between characters, etcetera.

Example: Carlsberg Advert [1]

  • Okay so this involves more than two characters working together but what I was taking from this was how the theme of the advert is taking inspiration from the film The Great Escape (1963) with it`s overarching plot and music choice; the main title theme of said film [2]. A note on that music, as soon as it begins to play we know the theme the director was going for and in turn don’t need any sort of dialogue between the characters or anything else that would add length to the advert.

Example: Carling Advert [3]

  • This is one in a series of adverts for Carling; two recurring characters take turns in challenges that usually end up failing in some way or another. I like the sense of competition between the characters who are clearly friends and the imaginative ideas each advert has for what they want to do that keep things interesting and funny throughout each.

Example: Interstellar [4]

  • This scene is set on a planet when for every hour those spend on the planet, 7 years passes on Earth. Time is a big deal for the protagonist as he wants to get home to his daughter and spend as little time as possible on the planet. The director drives this fact into us with the quiet music in the background that sounds like the ticking of a clock.
  • The music begins to rise and get louder in tune with the discovery of what really has happened to the person they are after and then the climatic event as the waves begin to come at them. A good use of creating an underlying tension some viewers may not have even realised but definitely felt.

Example: Fifth Element

  • Every time we are shown anything to do with the Elements; the character, the symbols, etc, we here that same noise. As well, its cutting between two characters at different location in order to get across the fact the Pieces aren’t with the Big Bad and then how they react to the fact.

Example: Edge of Tomorrow [5]

  • The concept of continuously repeating the same day each time after you die. This also works to at first make death for the character funny with a constant trial and error which then, as the film progresses starts take a darker turn with the deaths of the protagonists side character and its affect on him.

Example: Alien Franchise [6]

  • This can apply to any sort of horror but in my opinion this is one of greatest with its enemy; the Alien and the whole design around it. This applies to my conflict which could be a monster the two characters are trying to fight.

There is still a lot more research to cover in my next blog, which will continue to cover different stories but also touch on art style and different methods of story telling that apply to the brief.


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