Script & Character Execution

(This is a part of Project: Occurrence of Two Heads; I’ve forgotten to upload a sh*t ton of blogs from the previous projects so they will start popping up here and there)

The main focus of my argument is in how both Western and Eastern countries approach their animated films and television shows and I will have the script and my character design to reflect on this;

Character Design

Call it a really simple idea or a work of genius but how I’ve figured out my approach to the characters will reflect their chosen sides of the argument in how they look and their respective backgrounds. I will cover camera angles and shots further in the final script but the majority if not all of the scene will be a static view, focused from the front with a head to each side: this will therefore allow everything supporting the respective head design to be clear at all times to viewer. My inspiration behind this being the protagonist and his wife from the animated film Up (2009);

Up (2009)

The man’s body is blocky and rigid to reflect is stern attitude to life, and this carries over into his ‘side’ of the room with the rigid chair, very solid cup and blocky tables and stools whereas the wife is more curved to reflect her easy-going and more comforting lifestyle with curving chairs, cups, lamps and so on.

How I am going to evoke this with my characters is simple; one head, more Eastern looking and the other more Western, with the facial features and the background set dressing to back this up, both arguing their respected sides. When it comes to faces, drawing them is not my forte, as such I will avoid this problem through giving them hats considered reflective of their cultures and maybe some more set dressing to cover up as much as I can.


The script is inspired by the animation “The Kings of Siam”, created by Ged Haney, 1992. What exactly I am influenced by is the sense of competition between the two, one dreaming of being a footballer, the other an entertainer. Both of my characters are film producers, and the debate will come from them wanting to create an animated film, one thinking it should be for children, the other thinking otherwise.

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