Story & Characters Draft 1

I haven’t a script or storyboard created yet but I do have my first rough draft of both whats going to happen and the characters;


First things first I want to establish the themes I have in mind right now; the main one is cyberpunk which will encompass the art style and design of the world, characters and locations, the second is discovery, which will work for the story.


At the end of the day I am remaining mindful of the fact this animation is 1 minute long, maybe a 1:30 at the most. The story as a whole follows two detectives working together to solve a case. It will start in a bar, where the two detectives will meet, this will be the briefest part, devoted to characterising both protagonists and setting up the second “act” which will take place in an apartment they believe contains evidence they are looking for.


Protagonist 1 [Placeholder name = Ford] – A gruff, weathered detective, smokes cigarettes and drinks at his local bar when he’s off duty. Wears the stereotypical trench coat though unbuttoned to give easy access to his side arm when in danger.

Protagonist 2 [Placeholder Name = Nick] – Younger, more naive male. Dresses smart with his holstered weapon clearly out in the open.

Antagonist 1 – As of right now I haven’t decided yet if we encounter an antagonist in this animation. He/she will exist in the world, as the protagonists will explore the apartment they live and from this all of the characterisation. Adding the person themselves would simply off a more direct challenge to overcome, but require another model, voice acting and time to have him on screen as well as the need to show his conclusion whereas without him it can be inferred from the findings.

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