End of Week 1 Update

Just a quick weekly blog that will run over whats been accomplished in the week with the necessary links to finished blogs, as well as what will be done hopefully in the next week.

What’s Been Done

  • Project Research

I have brainstormed my ideas and looked at different sources of inspiration to come up with a final idea: [http://wp.me/p6OrOl-16F]. There is still one more blog with some research on it that hasn’t been uploaded but that is more looking into art style and story ideas and will be finished next week.

  • Character, Story and Set Design Drafts 1

I have done a run down on the characters and story drafts [http://wp.me/p6OrOl-1eE] and begun work on designing my sets, starting with location no.1 the bar [http://wp.me/p6OrOl-1fi].

  • Learning to Direct

I have also begun to take time to learn about directing a scene with blocking and composition as well as learning new software like Autocad [http://wp.me/p6OrOl-19U].

Whats To Come

  • Script

I aim to have my script fully written by this time next week, with the storyboard to come after.

  • Character Drafts 2

This will come in tandem with the script, as I start to properly define my characters look and roles.


Schedule [10 Weeks]

This is going to be my schedule for the upcoming weeks, I might do a proper gantt chart for this weekend but this will do for now. Its not completely thought ahead just yet but should be by the end of next week.

  • Week 1 – Decide on my idea, drafts for story, character and set. [Done]
  • Week 2 – Define characters, final script, storyboard.
  • Week 3 – Final models for: set, characters.
  • Week 4 – Animating 3d: Blocking Bar Scene/Voice Acting: First Run
  • Week 5 – Animating 3d: Finishing Bar Scene/Test Renders
  • Week 6 –
  • Week 7 –
  • Week 8 –
  • Week 9 –
  • Week 10 –

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