Set Design Part 1 – The Bar

“The Look”

One of the recognisable features of anything cyberpunk is the constant of “High Tech, Low Life”, basically with films/games/tv like Blade Runner [1982], Fifth Element [1992], the Deus Ex Franchise [2000] and so on and so on they all employ similar designs as a highlight of the cyberpunk theme; dense tightly packed cities that are illuminated by hundreds of advertisement and cramped with living people who despite their setting live at the bottom of the wealth ladder, this is in contrast to those at the top, who are wealthy, living clean, open spaces.

I have two sets; a bar in which we meet our two protagonist and establish the world and then the antagonists apartment where the remainder of the animation takes place and the core of our protagonists interactions play out.

The Bar – [Placeholder Name – Deus Ex Machina]

I was originally going to reuse the bar I created for the Project – “Robot V Zombie” last year but after reloading it I noticed some problems old me didn’t realise at the time. SO I’ll make it again; both to take advantage of things I know now about Maya but also to learn the some software called Autocad 2017, which I’ve been interested in for a while now, being used for drawing the floor plan.


Its not been fully fleshed out yet but the idea for the bar is where one of the protagonist will be, drinking away until the second comes to get him. This bar will be located at the core of the city living district, hidden away in the dense, overpopulated and filthy streets where the surrounding skyscrapers block out any sunlight. This will be the kind of place frequented by all kinds of citizens at all hours of the day and therefore cramped, dark and dirty on the inside, illuminated only by advertisements and neon lights.


We don’t need to see much of the bar, its total duration in the animation being something like 10 – 20 seconds in 1:30 animation. Right now I’m thinking of 3 different parts we will see:

  • Entrance (exterior) – this will be to set up the bar itself, set its location to the viewer and let the them know what it is.
  • Entrance (interior) – this will be focused on protagonist no.1, Nick, as he enters the scene and the viewer gets to see what he looks like, how he reacts to the scene and then his general mannerisms.
  • Booth – last is for protagonist no.2, Ford, his booth will be separate from the loud crowds and music in its own secluded area to help his characterisation.