Update 2

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a few weeks now but keeping to my planned schedule went out the window the very next day. Right now it has been a mish mash of doing set, the storyboard, and script all at once, generally going between each when I have seen something I wanted to change, expand on further and so on and so on. Nothing is final as of speaking, but i will still show what I have so far.

What’s Been Done

Nothing, next question.

Whats Being Done

  • Script

The script is about halfway done; I am at the point right now where both Nick and Ford have entered the apartment to begin their search. To note since doing my first draft of the story I’ve made some dramatic changes: I have omitted the entire bar scene and lead up to the apartment, its part in the script has been done though, should I want to come back to it and because it helped me define my characters and what they are after and is basically acting as a reference of sorts.

A big element missing from my idea for the animation is any sense of tension. The original drafts saw both searching the apartment and the focus would be on the communication and interactions between them. This is still the case, I’m just bringing in more of a conflict for them to overcome to keep things interesting and to fit more for the antagonist.

  • Characters

The Antagonist: he’s a man working for a mega corporation responsible for handling their sensitive information and keeps things close to him, being very distrustful and so on, as such this “sensitive information” our protagonists are after isn’t kept on some computer or server but instead a physical drive stored at home, hence why they are getting in there. Originally the two Detectives get in, search, find it and go–the antagonist wouldn’t make this so easy.  He would have some form of protection in place, and this is what is to cause the tension.

  • Set

Set is partially done, the bar and establishing shots are not in the final take so all I’ve modelled is the apartment,  it’s kept my attention for a while now laying out the floor plan and then modelling and is still nowhere near finished. Looking at the time I have left I want to start animating ASAP and after considering the facts my plan is this–what important aspects are stated in the script (a safe, certain cabinets, etcetera) will be modelled but that’s all, animating the characters and scenes will be the immediate next and then textures, additional details and such will be added afterwards.

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