Title & Opening Sequence

This is part of Jules and Phil’s lesson, but the more I look into this the more I see potential in adding to my actual final piece that could help the narrative and also feel the 2D criteria.


Part A

My plan is to make use of this opening sequence both as to set up the themes and tone, but also establish the story and what’s happened before the arrival of the two protagonist: it will set up the apartment, a person entering (this being the actual intruder though the fact isn’t clear yet) and making his way upstairs, then the tension can build as we see the weapon being raised at him from behind before culminating in the shot being fired. On this gunshot the title can show and the scene can transition into the arrival of Nick and Ford.

This works in that it gives the viewer some more establishment of what’s happened bringing them up to pace with the protagonists–we know someone has broken in, and someone has been shot. The intrigue is given in that we don’t know who’s who, as in, who’s the “good” guy and who’s the “bad” guy.

This entire sequence will be no more than 10, maybe 15 seconds long, and will be entirely 2D rotoscope with a harsh black and white colour palette. Some already existing title sequences inspired me:


What I like from this is the use of edits, the screen going black is to showcase a title card, being the name of the film or members of the production staff but at the same time in my animation this can allow me to cover ground more quickly for the limited time scale: a shot of the man entering can cut to him on the stairs, searching, then the gun being raised and so and so on.

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

This one works similar to mine; we know from the start this is a murder and the rough drawing in the background emulates the chalk drawing often seen drawn around the bodies in crime scenes. The music does for the most part the work and creating the tension, with it’s slow parts that quickly get louder before mellowing out again.The pieces of the body are also used to show production names and the name of the film itself. I personally don’t see much that I would like to use for myself, the drawing and the way different pieces keep moving in and around the shot work to give, in my opinion a sense of campiness (for lack of a better word), but also charm. Personally there isn’t much I would want to emulate or take inspiration from except maybe it’s use of stark colours, but it has certainly helped influence me in how I would do things differently.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

This title sequence covers a massive scale in terms of the narrative; it immediately sets up the characters and the story before we’ve even seen the living characters themselves as well as setting up their arcs in the overall story. We see Leonardo’s character standing outside of the crowd before passing through a barrier and come out like one of the characters, and then Tom Hanks character in following him. This is a great way to set things up, and if my animation was feature length, or even the original ten minutes this would be an approach I would want to take but alas this wont be.

Part B

The only existing material that can fill this part is the set, seeing as this is where everything is going to be happening.

Part C

A storyboard is on its way. Should hopefully be done for tomorrow.

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