Update 3

I’ll put everything here for the sake of not spamming posts.

What’s Been Done

  • Characters

I’ve been sieving through pre-rigs that match the look I’m going for but a lot of the more professional ones, that can be customised or are more realistic, cost money, and often even in the hundreds of pounds. So I’ve settled for three, free pre rig models that a close to realistic:


Artella.leadpages.co. (2017). Artella | Free 3D Animation Character Download. [online] Available at: https://artella.leadpages.co/artella-character-giveaway/ [Accessed 2 Mar. 2017].

Nick (Franklin Rig), in action

Nick’s character model. The Franklin model has been the best so far; he has come with a wealth of controllers for almost any aspect of movement, and compared to the rest, truly fits the kind of role I was going for.

Malcolm V.200


Malcolm has been here and there with animating, he was to provide the role to Nick, with his ability to have different outfits giving some promise, but right now there are problems with the picker not working in uni, and having difficulties on my laptop as well, though the model itself works fine. Another problem, one that affects Franklin as well is proportions: for Malcolm is hands are massive, and the others feet are gigantic. Feet are easy to handle as you can keep them out of shot, hands aren’t so, especially since at one point them both handle objects.

Mery Project

Manuel Garcia Alvarez, J. and Mendez Lora, A. (2017). MeryProject.com. [online] MeryProject.com. Available at: http://www.meryproject.com/ [Accessed 2 Mar. 2017].

Mary became an idea when trying out another voice for my Ford Character in order to add some difference between the two protagonists to help distinguish them. I have to say, even though she’s a better rigged model, her style is not able to be changed meaning she doesn’t truly look the role I was going for, but it can be changed to fit her look; small characteristics can go a long way to defining the character. To note, script hasn’t been changed at all, as the dialogue still works as it is.

  • Voice Acting

This is finished, I’m working through searching through the many recordings for the best dialogue but all recording is finished. The script changed at points as both voice actors had trouble pronouncing certain parts and even tried both actors for different roles to find who suited what.

  • Animating

Animating has truly began now, with me working through Nicks character poses to see what works, a blog will detail this soon.

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