Voice Work

First things first, this is the final version of my script; things have changed massively from the start, except the core element of two detectives finding some incriminating files in the house they are searching. This is my idea boiled down to the most important elements in order to reduce the animation time. I mean I’m not happy about, but it’s a lesson in keeping focus and knowing my limits: if it calls for 1 minute of animation and I have around 14 then clearly I’m doing it wrong.

Doing the voice acting went well, except for a few discrepancies, but this is my first time directing even one person in dialogue so it’s expected. The good thing is I know where I went wrong and how to tackle it again.

  • In terms of the dialogue we had one big issue when it came to pronouncing some specific sentences like the one below (fig.1). Upon reflection I can see why; sometimes there could have been more pauses, a little time between each sentence or just simply getting of a few words where the character will say, for instance the word “body” being used twice (fig.2), it wouldn’t hit the ear right or such. This is something simple to change, it was after hearing someone else actually speak what I write that you notice some problems reading yourself doesn’t pick up on, that sentence itself could change to be read like “His body was; facing your way“.
Figure 1


Figure 2


  • At the time James was doing his dialogue, the original other actor, Nathan wasn’t with us, so I had Kia step in and, (at the time I hadn’t considered making one character female) take Nathans lines in order help James voice dialogue more like in a conversation instead of just reading lines. It worked for James at least, he sounded believable and gave some good emphasis where needed. The idea to use Kia came after he left, honestly the choice came after I realised I need this done now, so hers came a bit rushed in comparison. Next time I would like to have the conversations roll out at the same time with both actors speaking their lines in response to each other compared to having one person do all their lines for the next to then do all theres. Also, I’ll simply need to give more time; having a realistic conversation done to perfection takes time, as I need to hear what’s been said and then take different revisions of dialogue, and I honestly rushed this partly to get things done; not hurrying the person along but not truly listening to what’s been said and putting some thought into how that can change.



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