Update 4


I’ve finally settled on a female character rig thanks to this website: Long Winter Studios. Paying a £10 per month gives me free access to a multitude of free rigs, and from that I’ve now got Claire.



Animation is in full production, until now I’ve been working on just Nick, using a sphere as a placeholder for Claire but with her here I can finally get some action going on. I plan to post a video of what I’ve done so far but uni computers do not allow Screen-O-Matic so this page will be updated tonight. Realising I should know where the camera will be first has made things much easier, but when the camera isn’t looking what’s going behind it is a mess, a big fat mess.



In-text: (Long Winter Members, 2017)

Your Bibliography: Long Winter Members. (2017). – Long Winter Members. [online] Available at: https://longwintermembers.com/home/ [Accessed 14 Mar. 2017].

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