Project #2 – Toon Vs Actor – Evaluation

To start off with I believe I argued a pretty valid point when it comes to this kind of argument. And hopefully it shows that I was able to complete both of the objectives; broadening my ability to discuss animation and its place in the industry as well as how it works as a communication, though looking back I do wish I’d made some additions to help develop these further.

The way the brief was phrased I didn’t truly understand if we were arguing simple cartoon animations case, or animation as a whole, so in the end I just argued as if for animation as a whole but at the end directed my focus onto just cartoon animation, making a valid point on the idea that with cartoons you should tend to essentially go big or go home: incorporating cartoon animations and then not making a deal of the fact and its effect on the world underwhelms its place in the film, hence why I feel Who Framed Roger Rabbit made such a good effort at this fact.

Somes notes I wish to add on the fact are the use of colour palettes and proportions; we usually see the toons maintaining a vibrant, colourful palette that compares to usual gritty, dark and dirty look of real world, helping to exaggerate it further to give a nice contrast between the two in both sake of visual style and the actual world.

Where I know I can improve is in the organisation and entire research stage of my essays. I tend to have an idea in my head I’ve maybe read over time or begun understanding the more analysed things myself but don’t have the facts to back me up, so a lot of research comes second, usually more to prove my statements than help me develop an understanding for both sides of an argument, hence why I feel this was very one sided, and more directed to those in charge than at the animations techniques themselves.
All in all though I feel I’ve argued my point clearly and with the facts to back it up, I could have spent longer in the research phase but at the end of the day my essay still maintains a point that is stated at the beginning, supported through the middle and then concluded at the end.

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