Project 3 Live Brief

As a whole, group-wise, I think we worked exceedingly well in knowing where each other were strongest and allowing them to focus on that: Nathan with the art work, Kia with the animating, and me with the editing and communicating with our clients. The project final itself came out with some problems, one being it took well over our due date to get it finished, and also the fact we had to forgo a lot of the original ideas we had either because it was something we were not experienced in, or because of the time issues.

For my role in this project, I stayed to communicating and organising with our clients, and handling the post-production with editing and sound work. First, I know where elements went wrong, but I also know how to improve on them: with the editing it was my inexperience with Premiere software; it’s something I’ve only dabbled in the past but had to take on to edit what we already had while Nathan and Kia worked on the final scenes. For the future I planning to learn more about Premier so I can experiment with more use of zooms, pans, and special effects to give more pop, it was a lot of learn as you go with this project but I did manage to learn a lot to act as a starting point for the future. In organisation with the clients, both sides were fairly prompt in getting back to each other and setting dates; though the YPAG recordings are still up in the air right now after multiple days we set out to do had to be changed. I take blame for this for the simple lack of; not giving enough of time in advance when I set a date, I’ve learned that because some of the members are under 16 years, Kirsty, the person in charge of YPAG needs to get their parent signatures well in advance before they can do anything. Also, simple planning; we were ready to record with them on both sides a few days after the original hand in, but I–through lack of just checking–booked on a day when the university would not be open because of Bank Holidays. If we hadn’t had to change it could be done by now.

In the final animation itself, like I’ve already said I didn’t take any role in animating any scenes bar the Nurse’s hand gesture when explaining how the child can not have any metals; this was once again not having any experience with the software, this time After Effects, but for what I did create it is reasonable: she arches her back as she points up to give more fluid motion to her body and emphasis to catch the eye though she doesn’t do it in time with the examples appearing across the top–this was because after several script edits the timings on almost everything were in the air.

Speaking of timings I was able to correct some scenes from what footage and audio I had: especially during the part where the narration is explaining the mini-capsules, the animation Kia produced was too slow in parts to fit the narration and sometimes not even in the right place–this in part because once again I was editing our next version of the audio to the new script as they were halfway through animating. I was able to take her scene and break it into pieces, it can be noticeable when you look for it, for example;

  • at the 32 seconds mark the pills original all disappear leaving the top row of 4, but it happens so quickly that it’s moved onto the juice examples while the narration is still talking about something else, what I did was simple: I’ve cut a single frame this animation and held it over time–hence why the middle capsule is faded as its meant to be disappearing straight the way. The pan shot moving down the pills is this same still image.
  • that entire part with the 3 sets of 24 pill I went into create since Kias version zoomed directly in on the container in the woman’s’ hand until the 4 capsules remained. I prefer her version, but once again the timing meant I needed to change it, hence why at the 45 seconds mark the 4 pills jump slightly into a new place–that is where her scene continues from my reworked.

Audio is jumping but we have no issue with this seeing as it’s not even the final version.

In the end I’m proud with what we have created; its introduced new software to me that I enjoy and given vital real-world lessons in group work, working with clients, and the issues that will inevitably arise from them.

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