Project 3 Promo Kit Evaluation

Now with this essay I wasn’t exactly sure what the aim was and felt simply talking about my approach to promoting my video would be too short, so I took the reasonable approach of looking into the industry first from both examples and other people’s analysis’ of the marketing industry.

The comparison between the indie market and mainstream market is there because I think they both have two different ways they go about promotion, and it is very reflective of the industry itself and the way people tackle problems, like a lack of money or resources, or what people can do when they have what can feel like nearly unlimited money and resources that will come to affect me down the line no matter watch approach to this industry and genre I take.

I for sure know I rambled at the beginning, comparing the money spent and earned by two examples from both markets when it could have been more short and sweet yet give the reader the same outcome. It in turned forced me towards the end, as I was skipping going further into detail for what I know are the more important parts; I wanted to tackle more on how Youtube and social media have been used in promotions for the indie market, and the benefits and downsides of it. This comes down to my biggest enemy time management, as in the end with very little time until submission I couldn’t necessarily pick what I had apart, which is more annoying when I know what I can say to get back those lost words from the introduction.

In the promotional image, I actually learnt from my previous mistakes: instead of wasting time trying to drawing something only to not want to submit because I’m not proud of the results, I approached it differently by instead working with what I know–Maya and 3D animation. The end results I’m happy with, the model is provided by my Long Winter Studios subscription and the set is built from a scramble of rectangles and a 2d blue plane in the background but I still think it serves its purpose of giving an idea of what I would do.

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