State of Affairs of this Blog

I understand I’ve haven’t posted a blog in about what seems like years now but that was because last year my organisation was in disarray as I played catch-up with myself and work. From here on things are set to change as I make my way into 3rd year, from here on this site will cover only 2 subjects, but on a weekly basis as do work each day. I’m aiming to have at least 2 – 4 blogs posted by the end that works concurrently with my new schedule as I start taking this way more seriously, this is both for my grade/to have something to show for in the future, and for my sake in order to keep me in a professional mindset to work:

Subject 1

This is my 3rd year project, officially we do not start until the end of September but I’m getting ready to have all my ideas set out and a first draft ready by the beginning of that month, so I can dedicate all my available time to actually modelling and animating by the year’s start.

The project is intended to highlight all the skills I have or are in the process of learning but in the first few blogs I’ll be cover what scenes, story lines and more have inspired ideas from all forms of media and the real world.

Subject 2

This covers pretty much everything else that I’m either learning for the first time or aiming to become proficient in, now this doesn’t only cover animating, but also;

3d Modelling and rigging


2d drawing and colouring

Cinematography and filming techniques

Art styles


And more, including elements that aren’t relevant to animation but are things I’ve been meaning to learn like coding and working with game engines such as the Unreal Game Engine, but right now this is still up in the air.


The two ongoing categories now will be titled “Final Animation” with whatever specific component it is added on to the end, and “Personal Work” with the same in order to avoid confusion–blogs like this one will be categorised as “State of Affairs.  As aforementioned I aim to have between 2 – 4 blogs posted a week each covering the their own part of the subjects. I aim to clean up my use of tags for consistency sake.


As of right now this is my schedule during the Summer Break, it’s subject to change once I begin the actual course after I learn my new timetable and so on.

Monday/Tuesday – Final Animation

Monday and tuesday will focus on the final animation though right now the planning stage; looking to sources of inspiration and such.


Wednesdays are up in the air as to whether they will join monday/tuesdays or thursdays/fridays and change depending on what’s my main focus of the week at the moment.

Thursday/Friday – Personal Work

Each new week it will be something new, primarily small animations will take up the majority of my day with the in between times or any time after the animations are completed to do some written work and so on. As of right now–though I’m working to change this by September–I work at my job from 7pm Friday into 7am Saturday, so half the day is devoted to the job.

Saturday/Sunday – Break

I work both Friday night/Saturday Morning and Saturday Nights/Sunday mornings. I’m generally asleep in the daytime so I can’t really find the time or energy to do any work in the days and so therefore these can be considered days off. But, Sundays I want to spend at least an hour setting out my plan for what work I’m doing in the following week, and will maybe post a blog explaining it.

I shall begin everything officially by the start of the next week.

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