Update 4

Characters I've finally settled on a female character rig thanks to this website: Long Winter Studios. Paying a £10 per month gives me free access to a multitude of free rigs, and from that I've now got Claire. Animating Animation is in full production, until now I've been working on just Nick, using a sphere … Continue reading Update 4

Voice Work

First things first, this is the final version of my script; things have changed massively from the start, except the core element of two detectives finding some incriminating files in the house they are searching. This is my idea boiled down to the most important elements in order to reduce the animation time. I mean … Continue reading Voice Work

Update 3

I'll put everything here for the sake of not spamming posts. What's Been Done Characters I've been sieving through pre-rigs that match the look I'm going for but a lot of the more professional ones, that can be customised or are more realistic, cost money, and often even in the hundreds of pounds. So I've … Continue reading Update 3