Our Idea & Storyboard

Our Idea

Our pixelation will be built around the theme of smoking and its addictions. At its core this video will involve a single actor sitting at his desk in uni or work and be built around him fighting his need to smoke, with the pixelation being at the centre of video as everything the actor touches switches around into something related to smoking, this could be things like a pen turning into a cigarette, his phone turning into a pack of smoke, and so on. For how this video will conclude is still up to being decided as to whether the character manages to fight temptation and come away victorious or not.

Below is a rough draft of a storyboard following our film though it is up to be change in areas to better suit our current ideas and to further fit the budget for our film. In the end though these changes wont move too much from the basic design we have below with the same process involving the character sitting at the desk and everything he touches turns into something like a cigarette or packet.


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